UK Target Locations

Travelodge has a requirement to open 2,000 p.a. with a total requirement for a further 20,000 bedrooms by 2025.

The Travelodge Target Location List provides details of the locations and ideal room numbers that we are seeking throughout the UK. Whilst this list offers a guide of Travelodge’s requirements, it is not exhaustive and we would also welcome details of opportunities that do not appear on the list.

Travelodge is seeking the very best hotel locations in each of its target areas.

In order to afford these, we actively encourage developers to incorporate the hotel as part of a mixed use scheme, above, alongside or below any other appropriate user. Town & City Centre locations are our strong preference and, where overnight car parking is available within an easy and safe walk of the hotel, we are prepared to accept no car parking. In edge of town and suburban locations, prominent and easily accessible sites are a requirement, with a good on-site parking ratio. Major transport interchanges and prominent A-Road locations will also be considered, but will usually need a complimentary breakfast and evening food offer to be located nearby.

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UK Target Location List – see below for London Target Locations



London and locations within the M25

With a requirement of more than 22,000 new rooms within the M25, Travelodge has brought together a team of eleven professionals, combining both in-house Development Managers and Outsourced Consultants.

Travelodge has retained eight Property Agents who are renowned, local experts in their own geographic areas of Greater London. They are responsible for finding and negotiating development opportunities for us.

Alan Oliver, John Hardy and Matthew Wythers are the Development Managers who manage these Agents on Travelodge’s behalf.

John deals with Central London (Zone 1) and manages the agents responsible for North West London (Brasier Freeth) and London South Central (Field and Sons).

Matthew manages the agents responsible for London South (Houston Lawrence), West London (Farino Cole Real Estate) and North East London (Strettons) out to the M25.

Alan manages the agents responsible for South East London (Alan Hill) and North London (Perfect Land).


London Target Location Lists

London Central, London North West & UK Going Concerns //London South East & London North  //  London South, London West & London North East // London North // London West //  London North East  // London North West // London South East // London South Central // London South West London